Top 4 Gaming Mouse Pads Of The Century

Many people who love the game will do whatever they can to do in order to win the game including the most mind-challenging games in the gaming world. While they may win either by wit or by lack of experience of their opponent, there are others who depend on luck to go home smiling as victors. The latter is seldom. Apparently, for one to ensure that winning does not come due to luck but hard work, you really need to invest in a good gaming mouse pad. With it, you will be assured of not only enjoying the game big time, but also emerging a victor. Here are the world’s top 4 gaming mouse pads:

1. SteelSeries 4HD Gaming Mouse Pad

Although the price of this type of gaming pad is a bit expensive than others in the market, it is far worth the price. The service that this gaming mouse pad will accord you is beyond the little money that it may cost you. It has one amazing feature that is never on other gaming mouse pads. With the chanting and reckless movements witnessed especially after a win, it is easy to pour soda, juice or whatever liquid that one might be handling. Interestingly, the 4HD gaming mouse pad is water resistant.
2. Razer Goliathus Omega Gaming Mouse Pad

This is yet another gaming mouse pad that you should give some attention. It will give you the best service of a gaming mouse pad at a relatively affordable price. Razer Goliathus gaming mouse pad comes in four different styles namely, Omega, Alpha, Standard and Extended. All these different standards and styles of these gaming mouse pads are equipped with different features, specifications and sizes. This also affects the overall price for each. For instance, Omega type comes with a stitched frame that gives it an awesome look. This ensures that the mat does not fray off after being in use for a short while something experienced with other gaming mouse pads. Additionally, most Razer Goliathus mouse pads have colorful designs that impress your eyes.

3. Thermaltake CONKOR Professional Mouse Pad

The CONKOR as many would love to call it, is a solid pad that will give you the experience that you will never get anywhere in the gaming world. Among other notable features are the highly recommended low-friction and the ultra smooth top surface for the mouse. While other mats are known to be developing problems a short while after purchase, this gaming mouse pad is credited for its longevity and effectiveness. According to one user, CONKOR is a gaming mouse pad that he would freely give 100% mark if asked to award the marks.

4. Twisted Gamer-Insidious Mouse Pad

I you are looking for a pocket-friendly gaming mouse pad, then you have no choice other than to shop around for this particular Twisted Gamer-Insidious pad. For as little as $ 6.99 only, you will comfortably walk away from the shop with a professional gaming mouse pad that you will never regret. It will give you a smooth surface, precision-based texture and a decent wrist space.

With the right choice of the gaming mouse pad, you will be sure to easily conquer your opponents. You also can choose razer ergonomic optical pad with wrist rest

The best 5 specs of a good gaming TV in the market

For those people who need to look for a good gaming TV from the market, they have to know what to expect from the market whenever they need to make their choices. Here are some of the best specs of gaming TV that you must be aware of as a way to make that perfect choice when looking for ways to buy these gaming TVs:

1. Should have a Smart Functionality

When buying these TVs from the market, you must be sure that you have a smart functionality of Yes – Skype, Internet Browser (Opera) and Twitter as a way to make sure that you do have those deals that you need from the market. It is important that you do check for what you need even as you try to make that perfect choice from the market. You must be aware to do your research over the internet as a way to ensure that you do have all the available options when making your perfect choice.

2. Have modern Inputs such as 4 HDMI, 3 USB, as well as MHL options

When your gaming TV have modern Inputs such as 4 HDMI, 3 USB, and MHL options, you should remember that you will always have the best gaming experience that you can look for when you need excellence and good times when playing your games. However, you must research to ensure that the TV that you buy has the games when you need before you can make a decision of buying from the market.

3. It should be compatible with Windows 7 and 8

You must makes sure that the TV for gaming that you buy is Windows 7 & 8 Certified thus making it one of the options that you would have whenever you need these options. Through this process, you will understand that the decision you would make will be the best given that you will have the best TV that you can ever have from the market.

4. A good Refresh Rate for enhanced viewing

When you need a good viewing in your computer, you should ensure that you have a good refresh rate when you select them from the market. You will definitely have an easy time playing your game when compared to what you should have when looking for high quality performance. In addition, you need to ensure that your TV indulge your visual senses using the 1600×900 HD+ resolution as well as 5ms that gives it a quick response time whenever you need some entertainment from what you will have from the market.

5. Have 1080p HDTV for better picture quality

Picture quality is key whenever you need to make your choice even as you do look for the available TV options that you should have from the market. With 1080p HDTV and above, you will have better picture quality especially when playing that game of your choice on your TV. In conclusion, when you understand these features of a good gaming TV, you will always understand what you must know even as you make your choice whenever you need the best options from the given market.